Using Wigs For Women and Men

Appearing everyday with different hairstyles such as wearing a wig (wear go wig) is very common nowadays, it has become a lifestyle for both men and women.

Let's discuss the steps to start using wigs and choose a hair bundle as well as wigs for women and wigs for men.

There are a few steps you need to follow before putting on a wig to find the right wig cap size for you. Learn how to measure your head for a wig below, and you'll find your perfect size in no time.

What do you need

If you have biological hair, you should wrap it up. Use your preferred wrapping method as if you were going to wear a wig for the day. See Find Your Wig Size - Tutorial for recommended ways to wrap your hair to measure a wig. If you plan to wear other accessories under your wig such as liner or wig grip tape, wear them too before taking your measurements.

Tips for Using Wigs For Women and Men:

1. Front Hairline

If you don't have hair on your front hairline, try using this method to determine where your front hairline will start. Straighten your arms and place your palms directly on the crown while pointing your fingers forward toward your forehead. Then, take your other hand and place your palm directly in front of your nose while pointing your fingers straight up to meet the fingertips on your other hand. Where your fingertips meet is where your natural hairline will be.

2. Neck Hairline

If you're not sure where to place the tape at the nape of the neck, try tilting your head back. Where the neck crease near the back hairline is where you should place the tape.

Measuring Head Circumference

To measure your head circumference, start at the center of your front hairline. Using your flexible tape measure, follow it down your head towards one ear, placing the tape measure where the top of your ear connects to your head. Then, wrap the tape around the back of your head at the nape of your neck.

Continue wrapping the tape over your other ear and then back to your front hairline. Record this measurement under the Circumference column on your wig measurement chart.

Ear to Ear Measurement

To take an ear-to-ear measurement, you must first define the "top of the head" point. Starting at the center of your front hairline, measure 7" towards the back of your head. Where the 7" line of your measuring tape is is your "top of the head" point.

Overhead guide

Once you've recorded the dot on the top of your head, start with the tape measure at the top of the ear that connects to your head. Measure at the top of your head making sure the tape measure is above the point of your head. Continue measuring into your other ear. Record this measurement.

Front to Back Measurement

For a front-to-back measurement, start at the center of your front hairline. Follow the center of your head ending at the nape of your neck. Record this measurement.

Using Wigs For Women and Men:

Determining Your Wig Cap Size

If you notice that your measurements show a different size, always use the largest size. If your largest size falls into the Petite category, then you are a petite wig size.

Once you've determined your wig size, you can start browsing wigs by size! Wig caps are available in the following sizes:


If you've found your wig size using our how-to chart, ordered a new wig style, and notice that you're having some minor fit issues, there are a few adjustments you can make to address these issues. If your wig has adjustable straps (most wigs do!), try adjusting them first.


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